UPDATE 7/10/13 9:20 AM – The Court has restored it’s internet connection and e-filing is back online. You may resume as normal.

UPDATE 7/10/13 7:2o AMGreen Filing was just informed by the Court that the Court’s Internet service is down therefore making e-filing, the Court’s web site, and even the Court’s phone service unavailable. The Court is working on the issue with their Internet Service Provider and will inform us when they are back online.

UPDATE 7/10/13 7:14 AM – Still no response from the court. xChange system also offline. Any filings submitted will be saved and transmitted to the court as soon as they are available. You can view your existing cases, but will not be able to get fresh information from the court. Thanks for you patience.

UPDATE 7/10/13 1:20 AM – Court’s system still offline. We have not heard back from the Court on system status. We will continue to monitor and post any new information when we get it.

7/9/13 11:40 PM – The Court’s system have been offline for the past 20 minutes. We’ve attempted to contact the Court by phone and by email but have not yet had a response. Courts web site (http://www.utcourts.gov) and xChange are down as well. We would recommend not filing until the Court’s system is back up and running.