As a participant in Utah’s State Court’s electronic court filing program, and as a registered user of Green Filing, you can expect to receive email notifications alerting you to things such as;

  • The status of your filing, having been Accepted
  • The status of your filing, having been Rejected, and for what reason.
  • A new filing occurring on a case, where you are an attorney of record.
  • As of 1/1/2020, a new event occurring on a case, such as a hearing date or signed order, where you are an attorney of record.
  • As of 1/1/2020, a new filing occurring on a case submitted by a self-represented litigant (Pro Se), where you are an attorney of record.

Generally, the delivery of such email notices occurs without issue, and attorneys and their staff are kept well informed of the activity occurring on a case. That said, problems can occur with email delivery. If you or your firm are experiencing issues, please consider the following:

Sending Email Service

The Green Filing application utilizes Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) as our sending email server to generate and send email to our customers. This is a proven platform used by 1000’s of other companies, including fortune 500 companies. When Amazon SES attempts to deliver an email, if a bounce back of any kind is received, due to a spam filter block, or a customer’s email outage, then the bounced email address is placed on a Suppression List, preventing the future delivery of email to that address. Amazon SES assumes the bounced email is invalid, and as such will not attempt to deliver email to it again. This is how Amazon SES protects their servers from becoming tagged as Spammers. Green Filing has the ability to remove any email address from this list once we’ve confirmed it is valid. If you suspect you may have been put on this list, contact our support team.


While Green Filing can send email, we can not guarantee delivery of email. Between our sending email server and your receiving server spam filters can play a role at both the Internet Service Provider (ISP) level, and email service provider level. If you are experiencing issues receiving email, we recommend contacting your email service provider and ensuring that the following domains and IP addresses are whitelisted within their systems, or within any spam prevent software being used.

Emails are a Courtesy

At the bottom of those emails providing notification of a new filing or event on a case, you will find the following text.

“This is a courtesy email generated by Green Filing to alert the recipient that a new filing has occurred on the above referenced case. Official service of this document is accomplished by the Court’s delivery of the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) and the documents referenced within the NEF to the e-filing service provider for which the recipient attorney is registered. For attorney’s registered with Green Filing as their e-filing service provider, the NEF and documents referenced within the NEF, are stored under the Notifications tab of the recipients Green Filing account.”

The creation and storage of these notifications in the e-filing application is the official notice. The generation of an email is a courtesy, and is not nearly as reliable as the e-filing application itself. You will always find a copy of any notification we generate to you in the Notifications tab of the e-filing application. Just login, click the E-Filing tab at the top, then the Notifications tab on the left. This is the easiest way to review all notifications generated to you to find out if you’ve missed anything.