If an attorney represents a party who wishes to become safeguarded in any Domestic Case or Civil Stalking Case, the Court requests you file a Safeguarded Contact Information Form or Affidavit.

Safeguard Party Information for New Domestic Cases and Civil Stalking Cases

When Initiating a Case for the following Case Types, the Utah State Court will offer a Safeguarded Contact Information document type to select which will allow attorneys to upload a PDF that can include the safeguarded party’s location, contact information, and identity information. This information will remain safeguarded and confidential per CJA Rule 4-202.02.

Case Types that have a Safeguarded Contact Information Document Type

  • Common Law Marriage (CL)
  • Custody and Support (CS)
  • Divorce (DA)
  • Grandparent Visitation (GV)
  • Paternity (PA)
  • Protective Order (PO)
  • Separate Maintenance (SM)
  • Temporary Separation (TS)
  • UIFSA (UF)
  • Civil Stalking Injunction (SK)

File on an Existing Case with a Safeguarded Party

As of October 1, 2022, the e-Filing System will include a new tag in the Case History that notes there is a Safeguarded Party on an EXISTING CASE.

Green Filing recommends that before filing in this existing case, you pull up the Case Summary in our system and click the refresh link on the upper right of that screen. This ensures our e-filing system has the latest information from the Court regarding your case.

Once a safeguarded party exists in the case, attorneys will not include their protected information in the filed document(s).