Since the Utah courts have made no provisions for out-of-state lawyers or those who are not licensed in Utah to e-file, only an attorney with an active Utah Bar ID may participate in e-filing.

Additionally, out-of-state lawyers applying for Pro Hac Vice are prohibited from using a sponsoring attorney’s e-filing account. E-filing is a certification under Rule 11 that the filer is an attorney of record. An out-of-state attorney is not an attorney of record until they have been admitted pro hac in the case. Even then, they are not a Utah attorney of record with an assigned Identifier Number. Their in-state resident sponsoring attorney must e-file on their behalf.

That in-state sponsoring attorney (who should already have a certified e-filing service provider (EFSP) account) must e-file the out-of-state attorney’s application at the proper court along with the necessary supporting documentation including a scan of the Bar’s Acknowledgement and Receipt. They may then e-file a proposed order for that out-of-state attorney’s admittance.

Note: Starting May 1, 2019, the rules and fees regarding Pro Hac Vice have changed. The following link outlines those changes. Rule 14-806. Admission pro hac vice.

If the case is appealed in a Utah Court, Pro Hac Vice attorneys will want to refer to Utah’s Rule of Appellate Procedure 40(e) HERE on how to proceed.