The Court recently made some upgrades to their system that will allow PDF documents containing the Court’s digital signature to submitted through the e-filing system. This resolved a problem where these documents were being submitted as exhibits to pleadings and then auto-rejected because the digital signature is considered a form field. An unintended side-effect of this fix, however, now causes the Court to auto-reject what appear to be perfectly good PDF documents with the following rejection reason:

“… Submission document ‘YourFileName.pdf’ has the following problems that prevent it from being accepted: PDF file is invalid. Do not rename file suffix; Please refer to or contact your EFSP if you need assistance.”

Green Filing has been in contact with the Court to try and get this issue resolved, however, until they are able to correct it, you will need to re-convert your rejected document to PDF and re-upload and submit it. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with this process.

Instructions to Re-Convert the Document by Using Your PDF Print Driver.

FOR PC – If you utilize Adobe Acrobat PRO or other PDF Conversion Tools (CutePDF, PrimoPDF) open your document in your PDF Viewer, and select File > Print. From your Print Dialog box, select Adobe PDF (or your PDF Print Driver) to convert the document to PDF.


– If you utilize Adobe Acrobat PRO on a MAC, the open your document in your PDF Viewer and select File > Print, then from your Print Dialog select the Save As PDF option.


If you do not have a PDF print driver installed on your computer, we recommend one of these FREE pdf conversion tools.

1) CutePDF –

2) PrimoPDF –