Starting in December of 2020, filers will have the option to both electronically serve anyone not part of the Court’s Notification of Electronic Filing (NEF) system and serve documents by mail.

Read our mail service and additional e-Service FAQS

In section 4. Mail Service and Additional e-Service, check the box for Yes, I would like to send electronic service to contacts who are not being served by the Courts Notification of Electronic Filing (NEF) system (Letter A). This allows filers to view the Court NEFs and any Service Contacts already added to the case.

In the Mail Service column, (Letter B) filers may choose to send any service contact their filing’s documents via Certified or First Class Mail (add’l fees apply).

If a user has added a Service Contact to the case that is not a Court NEF, the system lists them as a Green Filing Email in the Service Type column (Letter C). Additionally, the filer may check the first box of that row to send them the document via e-Service or select a Mail Service type from the drop down.

If the filer wishes to add a Service Contact not listed, or enter a different email for a Court NEF than the one that court has on file, the user may click the Add Service Contact link (Letter D). The system will list this new contact as a Green Filing Email in the Service Type column.

Green Filing will invoice the filer the Mail Service Fees (Letter E) at the end of each month.