To file a new case, complete the following steps.

  1. Click on the menu item File New Case left menu tab.
  2. In the content area of the screen, complete the required detail for each step.Step 1 – Select Court Location – begin typing the name of the Court (i.e. Salt) then select the court from the drop down menu that appears.Step 2 – Select Case Type – use the drop down menu to select the case type for the new case you are filing.Step 3 – Add Documents – choose the document type from the dropdown, enter a document description (typically the document title that appears on the upper right first page of your pleading), then click the Browse button to navigate to your computer and select the actual document you would like to file. Click Add to upload the document.

    You should now see the document listed. If you have additional documents that accompany this pleading (i.e. exhibits), you may use the Add Document fields to add those documents as well.

    Step 4 – Enter the New Case Parties – at a minimum, you must select the party type for each side and enter at least the last name of the party (i.e. Plaintiff, Last Name Smith).

    The Courts now requires that you enter address of the party. If you do not have the address of the party, you can click the ” address unknown”, in some case types you will also have the option to elect, that address remains confidential.

    If you have additional plaintiff’s or defendant’s to add, simply use the Add button to create more party fields.

    Step 5 – Complaint Amount – enter the amount of the claim the Plaintiff is seeking in the case.

    Step 6 – Filing Fees – for any new complaint you will be required to pay filing fees. You must enter your credit card information. Your credit card will not be charged by Green Filing, instead this information is securely passed to the Court, and the Court will charge your credit card the appropriate filing fees.

    Step 7 – Additional Info – the Court requires that for some case types and / or document types the filer provide additional information. If additional info is required, the appropriate form fields will appear here and you are required to complete them. If not additional info is required a message will display as such, and you may continue to the next step.

    Step 8 – Review and Submit –  you may enter your internal case number, or client matter number for your own records. This will allow you to run e-filing reports against that client matter in Green Filing in the future. Finally, please closely review all your data, check the box for “I have verified all information included above” and click Sign and File.

  3. Once submitted, you will be directed to your Filing Status screen where you will see your filing listed initially with a status of SENT. Within moments the status will change to PENDING, indicating that the court has received the filing and it is pending review.
  4. Once accepted by the Court, the status will update to ACCEPTED and you will receive a filing receipt via email.