You may have noticed that as an attorney, with each filing you submit and is accepted by the Court, you receive three (3) emails regarding the filing. Those emails are:

  1. Notification of Electronic Filing (NEF) – This email is generated by the Court from and is a courtesy email sent by the Court to alert you that a new filing has occurred on the case. You will only receive this email if you are an attorney of record on the case. Green Filing has no control over whether or not this email is sent.
  2. Service Notification Email – This email is generated by Green Filing from As the Court send it’s notification they also provide a copy of this notification to Green Filing. This prompts our system to save this Notification under the notifications tab of your account, as well as generate a courtesy email to you alerting to the new filing. The reason we send our Service Notification email is because the Court does not provide either a link to the document, or the documents attached in its email. They expect that the recipient go find the filing on their own. Green Filing’s email makes it easy for you to find and view the document.
  3. Filing Status Receipt (Accepted or Rejected) – This email is generated by Green Filing from This email alerts the filer as to the status of the filing as Accepted or Rejected. If Accepted, it may contain specific information like the filing fee that was charged in which case this email is also considered your receipt of having paid that filing fee. For new case filings the email will also contain you assigned case number assigned judge. If the filing were Rejected, then the email will contain a reason for the rejection as provided by the Court.
It should be noted that, if you are the filer, emails 1 and 2 described above are still generated and sent to you. The Court does not make that distinction when they generate an NEF. They simply generate a notification to all attorneys of record on the case.

Many filers wonder why three separate emails are necessary. The short answer is this is how the Utah State Court’s notification process was constructed by default. As a matter of events, the following occurs.

  1. The Court receives the filing, processes it, and send Notification of Electronic Filing email to the attorneys of record.
  2. The Court then sends a copy of the notification to Green Filing, which prompts our system to generate our Service Notification email.
  3. The Court then sends a filing status receipt to Green Filing, which prompts our system to generate our Filing Status Receipt email.

In many instances, the 3 events above occur within a few minutes. As such all three emails arrive in your Inbox within a few minutes of filing. This is not always the case though. Each of the events above could occur within minutes or several hours apart, in which case your emails may arrive hours apart. For this reason, Green Filing feels it is necessary to generate each email to ensure that the proper notifications occur.

All that said, we know this can be a bit annoying … and we at Green Filing have as much interest in generating few emails as you do in receiving fewer. As such, we are working on ways to provide you more control of when you do and do not want to receive emails. These will be implemented as user preferences, in addition to the email user preferences already available (go to Settings > User Preferences). These additional preference may include:

  1. An option to send your Accepted and Service Notification email as 1 combined email if Green Filing receives those notifications from the Court within a few minutes of each other.
  2. The option to receive one (1) email a day with a summary of all new filing notifications.
  3. An option to turn off Accepted emails all together. Only alert you to rejected filings.

Over time, you will definitely see the ability to manage your emails improve. If you have specific suggestions for us, let us know by emailing