The email notifications from are only generated to attorneys of record on the case. Green Filing also sends these attorneys service notification emails. Support staff receive “Service Notification” email according to the user preference they set in their Green Filing account.

  1. To view your user preferences, click Settings in the top menu.
  2. Then, click User Preferences in the left menu
  3. On the User Preferences screen, scroll to the Service Notifications drop down, and select Authorizing Attorney Cases. This enables to you to receive a service notification email for any filing that occurs on a case where one of your authorizing attorneys is an attorney of record on the case, or where your authorizing attorney has added the case to their account.
  4. Finally, click the Save button.

Note: By default, the user preference for “Service Notifications” is set to “My Cases Only”. This means you will only receive service notification emails from Green Filing for those cases you’ve added to your account.

For more information on user preferences you can visit this link: