We have found a trick that seems to be working for 99% of documents that Court rejects indicating the document contains a drawing object, header or revision tracking. In many instances, these reasons for rejections are not visible in the document itself, but are contained as metadata behind the scenes. To remove that metadata, complete the following steps.

Note: This fix currently only works using a Windows PC as it requires Windows WordPad.

  1. Open your document using WordPad

    Option A – Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > WordPad. The File > Open and navigate to your document and open it.

    Option B – Open Windows Explorer, right click on your document, and select Open With > WordPad.
  2. Once the document is open, review it to fix any formatting issues you may notice. When you open an RTF in WordPad, it may move some text around so that will need to be fixed.
  3. Now, re-save the document as RTF. Just use File > Save As > Rich Text Format and give your document a new file name.
  4. Re-File this new RTF.