Please take a moment to review this very important information with any others in your organization that may be interested.

Name Change to Green Filing Utah, LLC

As of January 1st, 2016 Green Filing has been operating as Green Filing Utah, LLC. On that date, you may have noticed that Green Filing’s user agreement was updated to reflect this, and that charges from Green Filing on your credit card statement appear as Green Filing Utah. As such, for those firms that either write checks or issue 1099’s to Green Filing, please make sure you are doing so using the name Green Filing Utah, LLC.

Mailing Address Change

Please update your records with Green Filing Utah’s new mailing address for correspondence and payment processing.

Green Filing Utah, LLC
Attn: Payment Processing
15029 N Thompson Peak Pkwy B111-517
Scottsdale, Arizona  85260

Please share this information with your firm’s office manager, firm administrator, or accounting staff as necessary to make sure our contact information is updated appropriately throughout your organization.