Beginning this Thursday, May 10th, the Utah Court’s have made it possible for us to support some brand new features within the e-filing system. Those include:

Sequence IDs on the Docket – You will now find that next to each document listed on the case summary screen in Green Filing, each is labeled with a sequence ID which will remain the same throughout the life of a case. This creates an easy way to reference specific filings by number on a given case.

Linking New Filings to Previous Filings – On existing cases, you now have the ability to indicate which document your new filing relates to (i.e. a Response to previously filed Motion, or an Answer to a Complaint). This information will also display on the case summary screen for your easy reference. See the help article at the following links for detailed instructions on how to use this feature.

Link New Filings to Existing Case Documents

Expanded Court Notifications – In the past, when certain court events occurred, like a hearing being scheduled, or a new filing by a self-represented litigant, you were not notified electronically. Beginning in the very near future, the court will start sending notices on these types of events, and Green Filing will in turn notify you and your staff by email. We’ll let you know when the court activates this feature.

You may have also noticed, that Green Filing recently introduced a brand new “Beta” user-interface to provide an enhanced, and modernized e-filing platform. This new interface is fully optimized for any device including desktop, tablet, and mobile. It’s now just as easy to e-file and check on a filing status from your mobile device as it is from your desktop computer.

**IMPORTANT** – In order to synergize the release of these new e-filing features supported by the Court with our new and improved user interface, beginning Thursday, May 10th, our primary interface will updated to the Beta version, and all users will automatically be directed to use this updated interface. This is the only version that will support the new features described above. The old version of the site, which we call “Classic”, will still be available to switch back to should anyone run into any problems, but only for a limited time.

To learn more about the improvements of our Beta version, visit this link.

We have plans to provide many more updates and features in this new version of our interface as it is much more flexible. We are excited about the things we’ll be able to do in the near future.

Should anyone have any questions or concern, don’t hesitate to email or visit us on live chat.